Monday, 1 July 2013

A very long period of silence

Iwa ju ni oloko yi wa mi lo, eyin ko ni oloko yi wa mi lo, mi omo. Meaning: I don't know which direction the driver is taking me. This song was sang in the 70s by King Sunny Ade -a popular Nigerian musician. As a child, I danced to the beat while the deeper meaning of the song was lost on me. But as an adult, I have often pondered at his reasons for writing the song.

Sometimes, we go through  this period where we simply don't know which direction we are heading to; where everything seem like a blur.  I have had my share of this experience in the last one year or so. In the last one year, I felt like someone caught up in a storm or whirlwind. I felt like a rudderless ship. I didn't know which direction I was heading to. I struggled through this period trying to find stability in the whirlwind of life. In the process, I gave up on some things. There was little or no inspiration to do anything. I was living a day at a time as if it was the last.

One of the thing I gave up on was writing this blog. Friends and other readers have asked why I stopped writing. I had no explanation except a wary smile and some flimsy excuses. However, I have being encouraged from the numerous comments from visitors to my blog. These comments never cease to amaze me. My readers seem to have more faith in my ability than I do. I appreciate every visitor  to this blog and all my readers. However, Funke (one of my readers), was one of those who inspired me to get back on track. She called to ask me why I had not being writing my blog and shared how I inspired and impacted her through my blog. (Here I was feeling that I had no impact on my reader), I was surprised and at the same time excited by her phone call. I was highly criticized and chastised by a friend for posting the particular story that inspired Funke. I was advised to delete or  re-write the story without barring it all. This was the same story that inspired her to take a decision she had being reluctant to take for a while. Thanks Funke for sharing your experience and inspiring  me to continue writing.

Another person worthy of note is my friend and brother, Seun. He got me thinking. I read some of the deeply and sincerely expressed write-up on his friends. I was deeply moved and jealous (you know how you want to be the only special person in a dear friend's life). I expressed my wish for him to express his feelings about me. He wrote me the most beautiful and sincere message a friend can write. Seun, thank you for giving  me my roses while still alive for your words inspired and encouraged me. It lifted the burden of despair.

I am back for the storm is over. There is now rainbow after the storm. I apologise to my readers for leaving them in the lurch. Watch out for more inspiring stories on this blog.

Thank you and God bless
Diva Ose

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  1. Yay! We are back on track! Did I say
    'we'? Sure. If you are writing then I am writing... Yeah?